One Word Sunday: Arsenal

By Massimo Usai

Arsenal is the football team of the heart.

Arsenal, after 25 uninterrupted years in Europe, will not participate in the next continental competitions.

As was quickly expected, finding a better manager than Arsene Wenger has not been possible to date.

In the last few years, the bungling fans with Wenger in charge have created, as a consequence, so much pressure on the Board that it has made terrible mistakes.

They start to make a thousand errors of assessment on the coach, the players purchased, and the team’s general manager.

When Wenger was our manager, we had him in a sophisticated network of talent researchers.

Today we have Agents, sports directors, coaches, etc. etc.

The consequences of this “Normalization” are there for all to see.

A year of football to forget that could have ended worse if it were not for the legacy of the players left by Wenger;

It could have ended really badly, a lot more of what’s going on.

Personally, it is as if we are being demoted to a category, and, in a way, that is the way it is.

Arsenal, who have made millions of young people fall in love in the world with them, are definitely over.

There will be a lot of work to be done for many years before we return to what we were under the leadership of Arsene Wenger.

Today’s photo is deprived of all colours, which express joy and passion and only red remains, blood colour, and pain.

I did it the last night that it was possible to be at the stadium, in March 2020, from my place, which has been mine for 12 years and who will soon have the pleasure of feeling my heavy ass on it.

This is was my “One Word Sunday” for today : Arsenal

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