Few hopes contained in an upcoming trip for a better spring can improve our days, even if it is only 1 dream

Traveling tend to magnify all human emotions

Peter Hoeg
Street photo
Avoid getting lost in this crazy year with realistic hopes

Try to think a travel could change your year

By Massimo Usai

Spring is already here, and we are beginning to think about next summer and hopes start to come out.

For now, the new year is not so different from the previous one.
The new year It’s probably a turning point and maybe more dramatic, heavy, stressful and revolutionary than it seemed difficult in itself last year.

I still have the high incentive to walk to a new city, take a trip somewhere.
Taking a plane, but it’s also okay with the car and changing country for a while.

Each journey I plan starts from some essential factors to consider to motivate the choice of one place instead of another.

At the moment, I’m happy with everything.

I usually start from what the lease can offer from an artistic perspective, then what it represents culturally. I always end up considering the culinary offer of the place I want to visit.
The world is an infinite range of emotions.
Just point your finger somewhere in the Globe, and surprises are always available.
Maybe take a balloon and fly over an unknown city and see people from above.

See the roofs of the houses from above and touch the clouds at the same time. Also, watch the sun that begins to set in the West from the same point.
I want to go take pictures; I want to take photos in the street with people walking.

The photos you see on the cover are the result of a walk to Venice in early autumn.
Venice would be wonderful to see again, of course. Also, I would like to visit either a small village in Wallonia or even just seeing a cycling race or a beach banned during the last six months.

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