One Word Sunday: Respect

By Massimo Usai

Respect, equality is what people should show everyday.

A player racially abuses a fellow players and gets just a ten-match ban by UEFA.

Of course, they show no seriousness in the actions against racism, the is not serious about stamping out racism in football.

What’s wrong with throwing a team out of the competitions or even banning the team for two years when they act and react like Slavia Prague last Thursday against Arsenal ?

Also, they inflict to themselves an extra punishment because, after this horrendous rude attitude before the game, Arsenal played like “Real Madrid” for one day and all the lovely people in the world enjoy seeing the London’s club trash them 4-0 in Prague.

The two pictures you see today aren’t mine. I took them from Sky Sport and I have just elaborated them as Oil Paint for future memories.

Slavia Prague Vs Arsenal by @SkySport

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