A nightmare for England that the elite are taking advantage of? No. 1 Problem: The controversial voting system!

By Massimo Usai

How on Earth has England ended up with a system that allows the vilest people in the land to be voted into power by a minority who are at best misguided, at worst, deranged?

The voting system it’s for sure the problem.

There is no doubt It’s so antiquated and out of the times.

The result of this static election system expresses political apathy. 

People stay home, and the couch party becomes the real winner. 

In a democracy, every vote count but also count the no-vote.

It isn’t only the voting system; of course, there is a kind of total lack of separation of powers that would allow proper checks and balances.

It turns out that a UK PM without integrity controls everything. There is, in the end, no checks and balances. There is no independent police or CPS to investigate the PM.

Quite right, the famous British democracy lack of… Democracy.

The unwritten constitution has been subverted to give the total executive power.

At least your politicians can always claim that what they are doing is not unconstitutional. 

Maybe it’s time to replace Magna Carta.

British museum in England
One nightmare for England that the elite are taking advantage of? No doubt: The controversial voting system!

In reality, the Magna Carta was replaced by the ECHR European Convention on Human Rights (nothing to do with the EU despite what they want you to believe!). 

But then, the new British political class, which emerged at the end of the last decade, planed to repeal it because it does not allow them the freedom to commit their criminal acts.

I know my words and position could sound harsh, but if you look at the proper distance and compare how democratic and open England was till 2010 and watch now how it is, you can not see it.

Also, the contrast is that a more famous Country in Europe for pollical corruption in the past has worked hard and isolate the dirty from politics. Now they are at the margin of political life. 

In England, it is the opposite of what is going on in other countries in Europe.

MP’s are doing personal business using the power without any shame or risk to be jailed.

Like everything, it’s for sure a course and a circle will change again.

Still, history teaches us that it could take decades before everything will be fixed again and, in the meantime, so many people are suffering.

So many people could fall into depression and misery very easy in this kind of system and this is why people should react and act now before it will be too late.

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