Why people want to be in a relationship? It’s Mind-blowing but where is the the Catch?

By Massimo Usai

Some people are desperate when they are single, and I never understand very well why they want to be in a relationship as fast as possible.

Ok, I have never been single for too long, so maybe I lack experience, but you need to look on the bright side of don’t be in a relationship.

For example, suppose you are in a relationship, and you become single. In that case, you will understand very easy what I mean, especially if you are a man.

The positive side of being single is evident just after the first two weeks she has left you.

You have spent just crying and think about how to kill yourself for days and days, and at one point, you are awake all the time, without having any pain and more, and you walk like a zombie.

Anyway, you cease from killing yourself, more or less because when you put on google “how to kill me,” the first twenty pages are “Do you need help “, “Call us at…”.

So, you start to scare someone to discover your intentions, start to feel the shame of yourself, and close in one-second Google and delete your browser history because you think you will be located soon.

Anyway, as I said, after a few weeks, you start to see the advantage of being single.

As everyone knows, the relationship is an exercise of discipline and rules.

If you are in love, in serious passion, you are (in fact) just the dog of your girlfriend.

She will send you to do that and that.

She needs (right now!) that and, after a few seconds, another thing.


You lost contact with the world. With the real world.

You are less informed because “we don’t watch the news,” you are eating just vegetarian.

At one point, you’ll discover that you will eat vegetarian while from nowhere. “It’s better to eat red meat because I see a link on Facebook (or she has spent one hour on the phone with her friend that says so.).

And what about the exercise in the morning? The stretch as soon as you woke up.

“It’s good for your body and for your brain. “

she said…

“Ok, but I like to have sex in the morning”

You reply…

Of course, if you just thinking, because if you said so, you would be seen as an old barbarian man..

So, you need to give up sugar, don’t watch Tv, miss some football games, compromise on the movie you want to see it.

In reality you don’t have a chance to choose the film, but she will make you believe you have choices with her.

Why people want to be in a relationship? Where is the Catch?
Photo by @massimousai

We want to talk about music to play? What about your favourite music?

Just on your headphone when you go to do something for her.

Otherwise… shhh: “We need to relax and reflect to start positive the day.”

You are in depression and want to kill yourself for a while, but, believe me, it takes between two and three weeks to get your brain switch and to become wise.

After you will start to breathe again, and you feel it free.

So as a miracle, everything change.

You woke up in the morning, and you are watching the news while the last records are playing loud on the stereo.

Finally, chatting back with your friends about your football team and don’t need to buy any more expensive stuff to make her happy.

The soap you had started to use when you were a child, still working well on your skin. Organic or not, it’s totally fine.

Ok, you still miss her wearing her just underwear and walking around the room with a simple t-shirt three sizes larger ok;

I know it’s painful, but still… You must think positive and enjoy the moment.

Because soon you will be again in the circle and in the box to have another girlfriend that will deny you the majority of your freedom.

You don’t have a chance.

It’s your destiny, as a man.

Enjoy being single because, believe me, one day, everything will change.

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