I am forever indebted to London: finding peace by always showing the photos I take in my city.

By Massimo Usai

I became excellent friends with the town of London a long time ago.

A love that started before I visited as a tourist for the first time in 1983.

It became more close every time I went to London, and after I moved there to live, I started to shoot like a maniac for twenty years almost every day.

Now I have a back catalogue of so many pictures.

I love to publish my pictures and watch those pics with distance, but with emotional involvement, maybe while having a comfort meal in one of the so many different restaurants the town offers.

Today pictures are dated 2012, the year of the Olympic Games in town.

London. View from River Thames
Sunset in London
Albert Bridge in London
Sunset on Albert Bridge
Tower Bridge in London
Tower Bridge in London

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