How to report news on the blog in such a complicated 2021?

By Massimo Usai


It’s hard to write news in your blog when you don’t know if the report will have changed when you go to post.

And that’s why I’ve been trying lately to write “stories” instead of chasing news and various controversies that accompany this year that seems to be about to become a “second year”, which never ends.

The recent meetings of the various governments begin in the morning. When you have finally come to write your opinion and report the facts for your blog, you have nothing but speculation, predictions and small hopes.

Then comes the meeting’s end; you have different positions and policies between country and country, between regions and regions.

For sure isn’t just complicate for people like me that just write a blog, I think it’s a nightmare for the people need to write headline for newspaper.

All complicated, all similar, but all confused and often, the actions are taken do not fit well with each other.

According to recent research, the best result from a psychological point of view could be to adequately block the various countries, at least for a while.

At least until summer arrives.

“A hard but short lockdown is the best option from an epidemiological point of view, but also from a psychological point of view it is the only possibility to motivate the population again”.

This is what explained a distinguished member of the working group “Psychology and Corona”, which advises the European Parliament on operating.

When you pass the same question to ordinary people, if they think that “closing now is a good idea“, you always have a mixed, controversial, complicated and emotionally related answer.

It seems clear that at the moment, the various politicians are taking into account more of these emotions/reactions than the facts. That is, the pandemic, vaccine or non-vaccine, apparently cannot be stopped.

The people elected to sort it out “problems”, looks like they were handling something that they don’t quite know how to handle. Likes they ferry themselves waiting for a safer port than try to operate in an open sea, but that remains vigorously beaten by the stormy sea.

It’s basically “relatively safe,” but the ship could still sink if you neglect the guard.

They know it’s like that, and we feel it they don’t have any idea how to reach the destination safely.

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Pandemic in brussels

Last year’s initial freeze gained substantial general support as a quick fix to a growing problem.

Still, critics questioned whether it would be effective as long as the vaccination strategy continues to stammer.

A vaccination dictated by nationalist selfishness and essential arrogance on which capitalist societies are based is more than a general plan.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that this is a World Pandemic, not an isolated regional problem.

No country is following what should have been the scientific committee’s intentions and guidelines.

The vaccines had to be fast, they had to be complete with two doses within 3 weeks after the first dose, and they had to be cheap.

The pharmaceutical companies, heavily funded with public money, had to sort out the Pandemic, the people and help powerfully stop the virus.

None of these things has happened anywhere in the world.

Each ruler has made changes to the action, thinking first about increasing his personal political consensus.

Nothing more.

Solving the problem in a single Country and not dealing with its neighbour in the slightest does not mean solving the crisis, but, if anything, increasing its damage.

Concerning a new question, I would like to point out to you a quote from a Belgian economist circulating online this morning:

“Four weeks of hell better than four seasons of purgatory.”

So my final question for all of you read this blog, is:

“Would you prefer us to continue in this limited freedom for a few months, or do you hope that four weeks of nothing could make things better, faster?”

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2 Replies to “How to report news on the blog in such a complicated 2021?”

  1. “When you have finally come to write your opinion and report the facts for your blog, you have nothing but speculation, predictions and small hopes.”

    Writing your calculated opinion based on facts and evidence will only prove you. We could be accurate on some and miss on some and don’t discount the fact the some people will make you look like you’re telling a lie, when in fact, they are the ones who work hard in making the truth stay hidden.

    You can never go wrong with the truth and we can in clear conscience take this truth to the grave.

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