A fantastic trip to Greenland

by Massimo Usai

Last week I came back from a fantastic trip to Greenland, which I believe will remain in my heart forever.

The place is spectacular.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many beautiful pictures in a few days.

The light, the subjects, the atmosphere.

If you know what you’re doing, if you can use the technology a camera can offer you, you get several great photos.

I was terrified I couldn’t get decent photos because we were a group of 24 people. Still, in Greenland, the golden hours last most of the day, so there’s always a free hole to isolate yourself and focus on what you’re doing and what you want to get.

A dream for a photographer, you really have time to set up correctly with the environment and take your dreams shots.

I had the opportunity to take many artistic photos, especially using a technique that looks like paintings with watercolours.

It is a photograph in which you play with a long exposure for 1-3 seconds to get the best possible movement in the waves around the ice still present in the water.

I was afraid that the black sand wouldn’t be nice to photograph, but I found it creates an even better contrast than white sand.

We had enough bad weather in the first 2 days, but the last two days were better, not great but better than the previous ones.

I spent a lot of time trying to find leading elements from ice, from wave movements to flowers.

I started posting on my Instagram page, and my number of followers exploded!

cold glacier iceberg melting
Photo by Koen Swiers on Pexels.com

Then I looked for a flight back, I hadn’t prepared anything.

I was supposed to go back to the hotel, but I didn’t remember where he was.

It was late, I was hungry, it was probably time for breakfast.

I clicked off on the computer, the screen went off, and my phone’s alarm sounded.

It was 7:30 in the morning.

Time to get up to start the day.

It was a nice dream, an excellent virtual trip;

I miss travelling, darn.

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