Donate, Help, Work, Get Involved, but…it’s right?

By Massimo Usai

Raising funds has the power to support people living incredibly tough lives.

So many organisations in the world work voluntarily to help other people.

I have few friends that work very hard in these organisations, and I admire them.

Public foundation in our western world has helped everybody need it for so many years.

In a year when everything changed, people already living the most challenging lives have been hit the hardest, more people feel this pressure to help others.

Ordinary people are helping to keep providing essential help to those most in need across the world.

We know that our donations will help provide safety to families who need support, tackle mental health problems, take action against domestic abuse, and give children the best start in life.

My question is to myself:

  • Why I feel not well to contribute?
  • Why I feel the Government should provide this kind of service?
  • Why I feel it’s quite unfair these problems are on our shoulders?

I’m the only one thinking that helps these organisations we are saving the Governments from being what they should be and what they should do?

For what we vote? For what we pay tax? For what we have governments?

Why we need to feel guilty if we don’t contribute in some way?

Something it’s wrong in my thoughts? What exactly?

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