We are probably waiting for a change. Waiting to feel well again.

By Massimo Usai

In the sky, The stars are waiting for us to change.

On the sea’s shores, families wait for fishermen to return from a hard day’s work.

There is always an island to find, and space seems to breathe and expand when we embark on new territories.

And that’s when we feel like it’s time to fly.

Mankind is precision unconscious at the same time.

We always have the awareness that with the tremendous energy we can be winning.

But we’re just the satellite of a newborn star.

Realize this while with our hands have the controls of a spacecraft.

And we look forward to the door of the cosmos shovelling altogether.

We’re waiting to see who we are and why we’re here.

As children, we fly into new worlds and escape from the reality of who we are.

We are convinced that there is no border, and we want to see where the journey takes us.

We open our wings, space seems to breathe again, and we open and feel like we’re flying.

We feel well.

The stars are waiting, and we are back on the shores of the seas.

The islands to be found seem close to us again we leave to explore that infinite border, which is probably our freedom.

Photos by @massimousai

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