My own version of myself

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I recently saw a photo of myself in the first year I moved to London, almost 21 years ago.

I looked like a classic guy who comes from the previous century and quite not sure what the future was keeping to me somewhere to be discovered.

A few days ago, I saw a picture of myself taken last April—wrinkled, mature, in the way to discover another “season” of my life.

It was a shock to me when I went a few days ago to an office, and the woman at the desk reminded me that this year, I will be 60.

“Just in few days“, she added with a smile in her face.

Exactly today: It’s my Birthday.

I didn’t’ learn how to become old.

I found myself in this situation without being prepared to be honest.

I left London, broken, and beaten, at 59.

I got up early yesterday and was not entirely in a good mood.

I went out to the balcony and saw a breathtaking sunrise and my mindset changed positively.

This is to say, it is impossible to plan anything in life.

Everything changes every moment, and this is what I learned a few years ago.

Before, in my life, everything was always prepared, and it was hard to live like this: too much tension and excessive pressure on my head.

Anyway, I was saying about the picture I had from April, and something has happened to me: I’m ageing.

I know some many don’t think I show my real age, maybe because a good diet and the random fact that my health has always been quite good, but the passport are there to show me the reality.

To be honest, the physical aspect helps to become old in a good way, but what it’s essential is how physically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally you arrive at this age.

Anyway, I’m celebrating today a critical birthday, and I will celebrate trying to isolate myself from emotions and memories.

My life is changed a lot in these 60 years, and I never realise exactly how and how much fast.

When I was young, I believed the world changes faster than it does.

I had the dream to change the world, and I just accepted at some point that, in reality, the world changes me.

Was exactly around three years ago when I realised it isn’t on my hands what I’m and what I will be, or I was.

I don’t have the feeling I’m in decline, but I feel I’m moving forward the future with maturity with more experience and strength.

Where I will go? What will be next?

I don’t have so much curiosity about it.

Future will show up every morning and tell me what will be for the day.

For now, for today, just a nice bottle of prosecco, some food and grapefruits watching probably a movie, in a perfectly Pandemic style.

A gallery of Pictures of my first 60 years on this planet.

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