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Welcome to my new post.

Another day and I have another things to say to all of you.

December is approaching, and the days are shorter and shorter.

Today I will talk about Art.

London is a city filled with art, from galleries well knows all around the world to streets adorned with work by world-famous graffiti artists.

It’s been exiting putting the words on this post together and try to stimulate you to enjoy art in unexpected places, like restaurants, shops and streets.

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was once a Londoner?

Tate Britain had an exhibition last year about his life in London and was so great to see his connection to the city.

Honestly I didn’t knew it and was a fantastic experience and I felt more cultural rich at the end of the day.

Two of favourite place in London for Art exhibitions are the Tate Britain and The Victoria & Albert Museum for sure, specially on the Friday night.

They keep going till late and every Friday is different inside those places.

Music, DJ’s, Art show, alternative media, a simple saxophonist that pass through amazing pieces of Art with a languid sound.

The Friday evening at this museum you breath “London” at it maximum expression.

London is in fact a Art Gallery in whole. 

Museums are free entrance and either when you walk around you could see so many graffiti from the best street-artist in the world.

I have a collection of more of 3,000 pictures of Street-art and it’s so difficult to choose the right one.

A small gallery of nine pictures in here today, and represent twenty years of walking around the town.

Whatever you like and want suggest as well, don’t forget to tell me on the comments.

You could purchaser the images but not to the copyrights of the image which still remain with Massimo Usai even after purchase.

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