Breaking news: Donald Trump has won the State of Denial …

By Massimo Usai

He will lose correctly and heavily, and he knows this very well. All of these distractions with lawsuits and re-accounts are only reducing the critical time that is wasted by the next president, Biden, who could instead use that time on essential matters. 

Trump can go to hell without anyone regretting him. His own people (as he calls the Republican voters as if they were his own) told him not to stop the count because he could have hit him too.

But he, advised by the mafia-style family clan that built himself in the White House, doesn’t want to stop. 

I can’t wait to be told to leave.

The World and America will get rid of the biggest problem we have at the moment and restore some sanity with a Biden presidency that these days, with his calm and “”presidential”” ways as befits talking about “”America””, is demonstrating. 

If you think that Trump’s defeat is just an American problem, it means that you have been distracted for the past 4/5 years. 

In all seriousness, how can Britain survive now with 4 more years of Boris Johnson? 

Johnson and Trump have been made by the same factory mold.

Not only their hair are similar, but the attitude and political action are alike. It is the beginning of the end for Johnson. And a no-deal Brexit would excel the timing. 

Biden has already said that the agreement with Europe for the United States is more important than small agreements with small states around the planet.

This words for Boris Johnson and his band of “exalted ‘nationalists “, could mean deadly isolation. 

Their majority, created by an imperfect electoral system and which does not respect the reality of last year’s real popular vote (the centre-Left took 55% of the votes, but the Conservative government has a majority of 80 seats, about 62% of parliament) dictates that Britain be stuck with this party of incompetents (aka – The Conservatives ) for four few years. 

Still, I would be surprised if Johnson would last beyond next spring as soon as Biden takes full power in Washington. 

The United States and Great Britain and their political choices are also fundamental for our economy and our democracy and democratic life. 

Put simply, fewer fascists in Washington and London and fewer fascists in our home. 

By “”our home“” I mean of course “Europe“.

Fewer fascists in Budapest and Warsaw, fewer fascists in Austria and Holland. 

Less Salvini and less Maria Le Pen around the rest of the continents, and this is mean more chance to be in peace with everyone. 

They are their lifeblood, Biden, with his election, will remove that oxygen that keeps them alive “”temporarily“”. 

I suspect that I will have to wait another day to see this recovery process that we have been waiting for four years to start.

So better to think what to have for dinner tonight. 

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