Another day, another night

There’s self-harm in staying up until 2am to hear and comment on Trump’s speech on Twitter.

He was mocked a thousand times for his orange-like physical appearance, but last night it was like hearing an orange talking. 
With the difference that from an orange you can also get useful juice for a thousand uses, with him you can squeeze it a thousand times but you only get idiocy. He is Stupid and dangerous.

Last night he attacked the American system. He spoke of America as a third world country and I have to say that he is right about one point: how was it possible to elect him four years ago?

This morning I have heavy eyes and my hair starts to go on its own, and since the lockdown will last another three weeks, maybe it is appropriate to try (once again) to put my hands on the electric razor that I already know will do incredible damage on my hair.

I have time to think about it, let’s say at least the whole weekend, hoping not to pass it in front of the TV waiting for numbers from Arizona, Georgia, or Nevada.

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