I still here again… everyday I have new hopes

By Massimo Usai

Another day. Another wait.

I didn’t get up very early this morning.

I slept for maybe two hours the previous night. Maybe.

Today I woke up at 8, and like an automaton, I picked up the phone next to me and checked the news.

Nothing had changed—243 for Biden and 214 for Trump.

The news from the six states that are still missing are all positive, apart from Alaska, but who cares about Alaska? It’s a given State 🙂

Elections with this system are downright crazy.

But let’s say I find this system much more logical than college elections in Britain.

Anyway, I woke up with images of police and military protecting the polls where the votes have been counting for two days already.

Everyone knowns that getting Trump out of the office was not going to be easy, so that’s okay.

There will be more “blah blah” for weeks, maybe months, but eventually, he should go away, and this dark side of history will be closed forever.

Anyway, I made myself a new cake.

The Ricotta one is finished in these last 48 hours, so today I squeezed three oranges and created a new one all fragrant and nice and soft.

I have a slice in front of me right now, still warm, while the third coffee of the day increases the pleasure of the cake.

Cake, computer, coffee and BBC (and Sky) News.

Another day of complete lockdown and another day waiting for the fateful moment.

I hope I don’t get too fat.

But if that happens, tell me you support Trump, and I’ll chase you with a hammer wherever you go.

A fun way to loose the weight I’m putting on.

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