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Like, everybody, we have the same routine every day for so many things.

If you stop for a minute, you would be able to make a list of things you do at around the same time every day.

For example, I have every day my alarm set up at 7.30am.

I feel secure the alarm is on, either if recently I start to wake up early doesn’t matter at what time I’m going to sleep.

I don’t have an idea why it’s happened, maybe the answer could be because I’m becoming old and the stereotype is that more, we are old less we sleep.

But my parents, over 80 years old both, sleep quite long and before 9.00am. It’s difficult to catch them awake.

Anyway, recently I found myself waking up before sunrise, and I discovered that this change can help to support my health and even encourage a productive day.

“The quiet time of sunrise lends itself to spiritual practices and morning cleansing rituals to set you up for the day, and traditionally yogis would arise and meditate in these hours to become grounded,” The Ayurvedic Philosophy says.

“Ideally, we want to wake up naturally with the morning light as it is said that the first sun is the most energising for the body.”

No doubt energy fills the atmosphere during the early time.

Since it starts to happens to me, I discover this is the ideal time to relax and focus for the day ahead, without the pressure of the clock when you woke up after 8am.

I forgot to tell you, but what Ayurvedic philosophy is it?

Well, probably a lot of you know very well this way to act daily to reconnect yourself with time and nature around you.

Still, for those who don’t know yet, I suggest you read here, and if you are more curious, there is this book that inspires my today’s blog.

Till not time ago, the shower was my first action in the morning, but now that I start to wake up early, I left my shower’s time around 8am, as usual, so once I’m up, I splash my face with water.

It helps to refresh and calm the skin, put on my contact lenses, and prepare it for the day’s challenges, and It also helps to feel full of life and positive.

I use warm water to wash my face because give me some comfort either if, in the book, the suggestion is to use cold water in the summer and autumn, and warm in the winter and spring.

Just to the record, this post has been written at 5.50am today, 6th October 2020.

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