Nothing To Say, Nothing to Hide.

I have to confess but I have approached my book notes today with some amount of fear.

I have taken notes all the time in the last few days.

I was sure to be ready to write a good post, but as soon I have open the computer, and I have the blank page of my laptop in front of me, the notes I had looked just so confused, and I cannot put them together.

I was ready to talk about a trip I did a few years ago in Bucharest, but I desisted.

So I move my brain to more personal stuff, but again I cannot find the inspiration.

Covid-19 could be easy, I’m quite well informed.

Still, I don’t want to touch the fragility sense of some close friends that don’t feel comfortable with my view and how to approach the pandemic and the consequences of it.

So I opted for an empty post.

Some words without so much sense but because you have followed me till now, I tell you to thank you with just a short gallery of pictures that I did in the last few years, and I didn’t publish so far anywhere.

Have a lovely day.

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