“Six” is the Perfect Number for the “Perfect Party”.

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The pandemic has forced the Government to stop to have Party for more of six people.

A lot of people are complaining about it, but sometimes you need to see the big pictures and say “thank you” to this “political” action.

In my idea of the “perfect Party” six is the ideal number.

Cooking for six is manageable for everyone at home, and if you are in a restaurant, you will get the dishes at the same time.

Also, you will not make any plate crises in a family and either in a restaurant with quality food.

More importantly, six is the magic number for dinner table conversation.

Once you are over “six people”, you risk to end up talking with just the person next to you.

At the point you cannot escape either if you don’t like her or him.

The risk to get stuck out of the range is enormous when the Party starts to be too large.

What if you get stuck with the guy who married the girls you was fancy when you were young?

You will spend all the Dinner party asking yourself what she sees in him?

So do not complain for this time.

Maybe say “thanks” to the fact that the boring large “Office Christmas Party” will be off for this year.

Organise at home or at your favourite restaurant, a small party, but the perfect “party of Six“.

Invite just the close people you have in your office or your best friends.

Do not force different people and friends to stay together for four of five hours.

So it’s an opportunity do not mix up your friends or colleague and have multiple Christmas ( or Birthday) events instead.


You will discover how much more fun will be and you will say “thank you’, for the first time in your life, at your National Government.

Either it wasn’t in the plan of the Government to make your life experience during this “festive time” better.

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