I Don’t Have Enough Left In The Tank

It’s a strange day, but I found myself “written out” yesterday.

After writing that letter to my “imaginary friend” in the post about my land on this blog, I was depleted.

Didn’t have enough left in the tank to write this morning. I’m definitely Out of gas.

This days found time to concentrate and write isn’t easy.

There isn’t enough time to write an everyday something either if on my brain I have so many stories to tell you.

It really just takes longer to incubate and to make it as a “post”.

It’s like baking a nice bread—you just have to wait for it to rise. You mustn’t rush it.

Anyway, my reservoir is partially refilled this morning, and I feel I’ll back to normal and working on something new for tomorrow.

For now, I left to watch my last pictures I did around Warsaw few days ago.

More soon.

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