Think Positive. How Can Be Done?

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Today’s article was written by Oriana Orlandi. He writes for “Tablet Roma” and I am very happy to have translated her beautiful and positive article and to have his authorization to publish it on my blog.

Getting rid of negative thoughts from your mind is the first step in learning to be happy.

Getting rid of negative thoughts from your mind is the first step in learning to be happy.

It is not always easy to do this either by nature or because maybe we are experiencing an incredibly stressful and sad period.

Often our mind focuses on everything wrong.

We sink into a state of anxiety and stress because our thoughts are focused on negative things without being able to see all that could be beautiful.

We must, therefore reverse the course and change our way of thinking.

How can it be done?

Meanwhile, not fearing change and trying to think optimistically about the future.

Every day we live is a mixture of difficulty and beauty, live for the day and take what you find, and don’t forget that in the end, everything is fleeting, both good and bad days.

What we can do is train resilience, or the ability that each of us has to react to adverse life events and above all, how he does it, the time to live is now.

We can choose whether we want to continue complaining. Or maybe learn from sorrows and suffering trying to find something useful in them. Try to understand, to reinvent ourselves because unfortunately some events just happen without us being able to do something to change them.

Remember that is what we do today that our future will change because if we do nothing all the days that will come will be the same as today.

Negative experiences also don’t teach us that the world is full of horrible people.

Still, they open our eyes and lead us to carefully select the people we choose to keep close to us throughout our lives.
Respecting yourself means knowing how to choose what is right for you.

Learning to laugh more or how to select friends and choose only those who really make you feel good.

Having these precautions, you will see that your social and private life will improve radically.
Start with what you love, train your body, your mind.

Dance, play, run just to rediscover the pleasure of doing it, dedicate yourself to what you like.

Thinking positive it’s our priority.

We have two possibilities in our life:

1. to embrace the future with strength and full of hope

2. to be afraid and anxious about the unknown.

Remember that it is precisely these two different attitudes that will tell us who we are and will determine how we face life in a better way for ourselves.

By Oriana Orlandi

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