Adjust and Build an Economy for the Future, Not the Past.

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Looks like Capita will be the first of many to move massively away from our city centre.

It’s no good our global leaders are bleating about getting back to work to rescue city centres without thinking about next.

They and they predecessors should have sorted out affordable housing in city centres in the past.

Also, the are responsible for the failed rail franchise system, so people did have ridiculously long commutes on uncomfortable, expensive trains.

Flexible, remote working operates successfully, live with it and adjust to it and build an economy for the future, not the past.

If people want to go into offices for crucial meetings and social events, they still can.

The governments (globally) wishing things back to how they were simply isn’t going to work, but it’s an easy solution for them.

They don’t need to show how lousy creativity they are in the brain. Keep everything as it was it’s easy, don’t give them any heavy responsibility.


Our leaders aren’t Obama or Churchill anymore, the majority don’t have a vision. They are too simple, and this vast problem we are living shows it.

We need some radical thinking from our leaders who can think about the new future.

Unfortunately, this is what we elected. It’s our fault.

We don’t need any more leaders just to worry about what if any words are sung at the Proms or if few people escape from Africa or Asia and want to move to the western world.

Also, what about those leaders worry so much about other people’s feelings? They are obsessed if someone it attracts and in love with man or women of the same sex! in 2020, they still at this level of mentality!

They are so ridiculous that either in the front of thousands of people dying from an “Unknow virus” they still talking about gay people.

We could say that they are doing everything very slowly.

The quicker a stimulus is applied, the less it costs, and the more benefits it reaps for all of us.

We should consider carefully next time we will go to vote how bad the majority of the leaders act during this pandemic? I think so.

The move from the city centre to the suburb started even before Covid-19, but the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated it.

If someone didn’t notice that it’s his problem, maybe mean some people was concentrate on the wrong issues, but the world was already moving.

In these last seven months, we saw a lot of big companies closing their business.

In the city center in Berlin, Paris, or London so many big brands have closed but we see now opening new branches in the area where high streets were suffering from countless closure of business till February 2020.

Just because everything was too concentrated in the centre of our cities.

Places like “Canary Wharf” in London or “La Defence” in Paris are the idea of the business of the ’80.

People like Margaret Thatcher push so much for this kind of business organisation.
It passes 40 years, and the crack was visible already in the last few years now it’s irreversible.

The COVID-19 it’s an excellent opportunity to change a world wasn’t working very well.

We should not miss it, especially for the next generation.

Before you are to scare about yourself, this is about your children and your grandchildren so move on and help to build the new world.

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