Tomorrow I will be at the start of the “Tour de France”

Thrilling (and dreaming) is one of the best parts of cycling

A few hours after I woke up I have been contacted by local journalist to collect my impressions of what it will actually be my first impression in the race tomorrow afternoon.

The Tour de France will be the first World Tour race I will participate in after I stop due this pandemic to race” I said “It will also be my first time in this race. The Tour de France is a historical event I’ve always watched on Tv. I know a lot about the race itself, I remember Eddy Merckx and Hinault winning the race and I was in the front of the tv cheering for them so I do exactly know what to expect but I constantly want to discover new things.E That’s why I asked my friends to help me to be here this at this special edition.”

They said … “it’s a tough and intense race. Are you sure you want be there?”

My answer was positive and so now I’m here in Nice ready to start.

I am still learning a lot, obviously, I took the decision just last night before went to sleep and my phone keep ringing all day.

As soon tomorrow we will start the race I want see the incredulity on the face of Froome, Bernal, Alaphilippe, Barguil, Bardet, Sagan. For sure no one of them thought to see me at the start of the race.

Either Nibali, either if Italian like me,known anything.

The journalist asked me how will be my plan for the first few days and I said to him: “I want to start by trying to understand as much as possible by living every single moment and seeking to be ready for the most complicated stages.

I also explained to him that I had already studied the route of tomorrow first race. 

I been in Nice last time to see Arsenal play at Monaco 5 years ago. I remember this roads, I remember the “farinata” and the lovely beer they served in the front of the sea.

At the time I had identified that this kind of stage suit my best. 

I know I will have to be ready for the follow stages which are the most testing, especially the one finishing in Grand Colombier. But I been there as well few times. At the time I was driving a Station-wagon and we slept, If I remember well, in Lyon. I’m lucky the Stage 15 to Grand Colombier start exactly from Lyon. 

I know for sure that with all those mountain it is also difficult to predict who will have the legs for the final week. There are many factors to consider, including that I’m facing a race after skipping almost all the competitions at the beginning of the season. There might be some surprises. I’m sure. It will be definitely important to keep the attention high at every stage of the race. Besides that, I will give it all to try to impress my friends. 

So now I’m ready. The Tour finally will start tomorrow and again I will be there. As every year. I never lost a single edition from the ’70.

I have to say,” I continued with the journalist this morning by phone, “that I would like to be at the final stage in Paris. It is a day that I particularly love, but it is also true that, due to this year schedule so late in September, maybe I will miss again to be in Paris at the last stage. I been at the Tour so many times but never at this magical last day in Paris. If I will manage will be even more exciting my participation at this year edition”

Anyway I haven’t seen the completely start list yet but I am pretty sure that there will be many riders fighting for the victory, as always, It will be a spectacular race until the last kilometre.

So I need to finish this post and run to the supermarket to buy beers, chips and some other things that will keep me company for the next 21 days in the front of the Tv.

By Massimo Usai

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