When You Hear People Saying That The “Gay Movement” is a “LGBT Virus”, You Have No Doubts To Understanding That The “Worst Virus” Is The One Called “Stupidity And Ignorance”. Nothing else.

One of the dumbest observations I’ve heard in my life was that one decides to be gay out of fashion.

So my counter-question is always the same: “When did you decide not to be gay?”

The answer is always the same: “But I didn’t choose to be gay. I was born straight“.

But if sexuality is a life choice, inevitably at some point in life, a man (or woman) decides to be attracted to a person of the same sex or not.

Or is it not so? Or is sexual attraction, something that is inside us and not a choice of life?

Just as there are people who don’t have gay feelings, there are others who do.

So where is the problem?

Many say it is against nature, but against whose “nature“? Certainly not gays, who are born with this sexual attraction, and then who decides what is against or pro-nature?

In reality, there are both combinations in nature.

So when someone tells you that “I’m not gay because I was born with sexual attraction for the opposite sex“, point them out that it is the same for gays.

They were born with sexual attraction for those of the same sex.

It is in the logic of the nature of things.

London, Pride Parade by @massimousai

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