Why The Mask Is A Dictatorship?

It is necessary to specify why today, August 2020, I decide to continue using the mask.

Seriously, I don’t understand the complains about the obligation to wear a mask.

Everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine:

  • do you wear a belt in the car?
  • do you wear a helmet on a motorcycle?
  • on a boat do you wear your life jacket?
  • do you still not smoke in restaurants?
  • do you fasten your seat belt on the plane?

All this is mandatory!

But only the mask is a dictatorship ????

When I wear a mask in public and stores, I want you to know that:

🔵 I’m polite enough to know that I can be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.

🔵 No, I don’t live in fear of the virus; I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

🔵 I don’t feel like “the government is controlling me”. I feel like an adult contributing to the safety of our society, and I want to teach others the same way.

🔵 If we could all live with a little more attention to others, the world would be a better place.

🔵 Wearing a face mask doesn’t make me weak, scared, stupid or even “controlled.” Wear a cover makes me thinking about the situation but also about other people!

🔵 When you think about your appearance, your discomfort or the opinion others have of you, imagine that there is a neighbour – a child, a father, a mother, a grandfather, an aunt, an uncle or a friend who is with the respirator installed, ducted—dying utterly alone without any family member being allowed to get close to his bed.

🔵 Ask yourself if you could have helped them at least a little, perhaps with a mask.

Did you still convince that wear a mask is a problem? Did you even think to make a small effort for everyone, not last your friends, relatives and family, it’s a big ask?

Please wear a mask – Massimo Usai –


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