Why Do We Live By Prejudice Instead Of Living In Peace With Ourselves And With The World?

Walking in East London is a stimulating walking and I reminded us that we should question our own thinking and, potentially, our own prejudices from what we see around.

There is a sense of peace there during a regular weekly day.

When I was there sometimes ago, I was thinking about how to disarm common populist ideas, and my instruments are just a photo camera and a blog. Isn’t exactly the most reliable media machine around that I own, but still I think I could help the cause.

Either with these small tools, I keep systematically questioning the common believe basis and making the underlying lack of evidence visible.
That was an exciting day out and a reminder to me that we should always question our own thinking and, potentially, our own prejudices.

Will help to have a better balance and peaceful life with the rest of the world.

London offers you everything.

In East London, you have the sense to be in another country, and you move just one stop by bus, and you are in a trendy area where problems look doesn’t exist.

My self-question is always the same: we create this division, or they don’t want to be integrated?
The answer is probably in the middle because prejudice is the basis of this situation. The scares are on both sides.

We believe we are right, but it’s just our belief: nothing else. So, this is precisely from people with a different faith.
We are inserted in a box where I’m “Christian”, because of my background and the colour of my skin. Nothing else.

But I’m not Christian as I’m not Muslim.

East London by @massimousai

I never liked to be inside “a box” based on my aspect or my passport.

I have never been attracted to be “a religious” person.

Still, I’m always curious to know why so many people feel so committed based on an interpretation of a book that usually no one has read.

My education is limited and always will be because I think life isn’t enough to understand “life”.
My tools are limited. I own just a camera, and with it, I could easily catch lovely street photos without annoying them.

This is what I did, this is what I’m showing you these pictures: to witness what I see around.

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