What Do People With Brexit Really Want?

More than four years have passed since the Referendum.

Still, I haven’t understood what those who promoted the Referendum wanted, and even less those who voted to abandon the richest economically and culturally “club” on the Planet. In practice the most exclusive club in the world: Europe.
By reducing the whole problem in a few words, it is increasingly clear that the political machine that wanted to get rid of David Cameron has lost control.

They have too much crushed the propaganda pedal and the un aspect victory creating a vortex so complicated to manage for themselves.
It is not easy to understand what Brexit will be, but what they want from Brexit. Who voted for it and who supported it politically in the last four years has never managed to give a clear answer.

Indeed it has changed the dynamics and the life of the people.

Since the Referendum, a lot of British citizens, in particular those with the highest education and skills, have left the Country.
Also, they would no longer be replaced by people from Europe, and it’s evident that in England there is a shortage of specialized people.
Because the two reasons listed above that are occurring at the same time.

On the Guardian, an article confirms this trend.

It was the event that most struck me and has had the most significant impact on my life. No doubt more than Covid-19, which with the lockdown gave me more opportunities mentally than I thought when the Pandemic starts, but Brexit remains a low blow. The reason is precisely related to the fact that it is inexplicable. It is impossible to understand the logic beyond, the real target and make any kind of predictions.

Brexit was a psychological blow from which I have not yet recovered.

It is such a complex and dark nebula that after four years, I find myself at the starting point again and wonder: but in the end, what do they want with Brexit?

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