Sardinia is like the Rolling Stones: Hard to Change and Hard to Die.

Sardinia, like any tourist resort in the world, is not experiencing at the moment a good time as far as tourism is concerned.

Even in the city where you live, also if it is not a tourist place, you would have noticed that there are fewer people around.

Restaurants, non-essential shops, even parks and riverbanks, are much less populated than last summer.
Covid-19 influenced this summer and will likely affect future years too.

But I’ll talk about this issue in another post, and another day, for today I want to deal just with Sardinia.

A Floating land in the middle of the Mediterranean.

An Island with millenary history, often mysterious and where people have the same character as the rocks of its geological formation.

Sardinia is like the Rolling Stones: hard to change and hard to die.

Sardinia is a land where the coasts are the most spectacular in Europe. And probably one of the most fascinating in the world without so many doubts.
Sardinia lives with tourism.

It is not the only economic activity, but yes, without that vital part of its economy, the Island would risk a crisis that could destroy the Island forever.
July saw almost exclusively internal tourism, practically Sardinians. They decided not to go around European capitals and spent their finances internally.

In August, with some airlines that have decided to increase flights, it is hoped that some German, English or Swedish, will choose to drop by.
But it is not easy, will be anyway small numbers.

Sardinia is not a secure land for tourism such as Ibiza or Rimini, it requires time, effort and love. So that type of tourist is the one who least moves in this world climate.
Some operators hope to bring home at least 20-25% of last year, far from the “imaginative” promises of the unprepared President of the Region.

A man that at the height of the Pandemic had promised to bring two million tourists for this summer.

Still, it would have been enough to check the plans of international airlines to understand that it was not possible to bring even 100 thousand people this summer.

But you know, the worse political is always the ones who use the lies to keep the power.

Anyway, I was born in Sardinia, I lived there for many years. Some critical things in my life happened on that Island.

So, I certainly have a soft eye for what is going on in those parts of the world. This is why today I wanted to dedicate my post to this Island.
In addition to the words, I want to post some photos, they are from last winter, the last time I was there.

To demonstrate and invite you, when visiting Sardinia even outside the standard of three summer months, it’s worth it.

Because it is often either in winter (these photos you see are from December!), you find a suitable climate for enjoying the sea and the beaches are deserted, like in the movies.

Welcome to Sardinia, at any time.

Sardinia: Hard to change and Hard to Die

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