The founding principles of Capitalism have been hopelessly corrupt.

HOW Much longer are we going to maintain that system?

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about how our “tomorrow” should be and what should be done when Covid-19 is no longer an emergency.

Waiting for an official end of the Pandemic is pure utopia.

So there is not much time to think, even because it will be a revolution and like all radical changes, we need to be aware of what is happening.

We need to act.

It is now clear that the Virus will reinvest Europe in the coming months and I would not be surprised at all if weeks and not months separate us from a new pandemic in Europe.

At the moment we have the feeling that the first pandemic wave has passed, that it is over.

But a Virus doesn’t have borders, flags or governments, to follow.

The Virus moves freely if we do allow it to move. Refuse to wear a mask help the Virus and its purpose is to cause damage.

In this last week, we are beating the number of global infections recorded every day. If two months ago, we were afraid of 50,000 daily diseases worldwide, today we are above 200,000 daily, and the transmission will sooner or later reinvest Europe.

So how to act to not be ultimately “managed” by the Virus? Simple be responsible and respect the rules and the others.

But the first question we must ask ourselves is: what do we want from our life and from our society now that we have lived this experience already once?

Mariana Mazzucato is one of the most prominent thinkers of the economy in the world. Her opinions are often requested by worldwide televisions (she is so many times guest at the BBC), and her signature appears in the world’s largest economic newspaper: The Economist.

A few days ago she was a guest of TED and talked about many interesting things.

The topic was “How to rethink Capitalism and Governments in a new world“.

I was immediately struck by her speech because she said what most people I know continue to repeat:

Nobody wants to go back to the old world.

This Pandemic is the real chance to create a new world.

A new way of managing the real emergencies the humans are living from some times.

Consequently having a new way of doing politics in priority.

In a nutshell, this is undoubtedly the time to rethink Capitalism.

It does not mean that we must abandon it and take refuge in Communism.

Nobody means this, but it is clear that Capitalism and politics as it has been in the last 5/6 years, had come to the end of the race.

If we look at the countries where the Pandemic has done the most significant damage to date, we notice that they are led by governments that have violated the minimal rules of democracy.

Which should be based on governing countries thinking of the people and not of their personal figure.

Trump, Boris Johnson, Putin and Bolsonaro all have the same underlying political philosophy and the cult of their own person.

All four have little respect for people and the environment and do not realize that the real current political need to be: “environmental and health”.

Two emergencies that unite the third policy that the leaders mentioned above continue to ignore, and it is the equity and recognition of those social and working classes that are fundamental for our survival.

Doctors, firefighters, researchers, teachers, are necessary if tomorrow we don’t want to find ourselves in the situation of the last six months again.

No one wanted and politics should have understood they were inadequate in that situation.

We must create education and rethink the remuneration system of these people.

Why it is essential to have a new “Messi” in our football team, but we have all understood in recent months that health is more important than Messi’s goals, and that’s why wealth must be redistributed.

You need to ensure that our kids not only aspire to become a singer or a footballer, but also a doctor or a fireman.

They must feel heroes and essential as a footballer or a rock star.

Anyway, I’ll stop writing this post now.

Mariana Mazzucato, in the twenty minutes of this video, says things much better than me.

My long introduction was necessar.

Because her words were of great inspiration to me and have confirmed many of the things that I have been thinking and elaborating during the lockdown.

But she does it better of me, no doubts and I thank her for it.

The invitation to see the video is the least I can do.

Following this post and this video, tomorrow I will talk about the new EP from Massive Attack and how the new songs have a lot in common with this speech from Mariana Mazzucato.

I suspect that the rock band from Bristol has the same admiration that I have for the Italian economist.

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