Still Confused About Masks? ‘Anti-maskers’ Should Have Reality Check And Be Behind “Science” If They Want Prevent Coronavirus and Lockdowns

The consequence of the most confusing message of 2020.

“Wear a mask”. No…” Don’t wear a mask”.

Has been one of the most confusing messages of this pandemic. No doubt.

Government change policy every few weeks always depends on the mood they could feel of the electorate.
Conspiracy theorist and people graduates of The Internet University Of Medicine who insist it’s terrible for our health and in the meantime properly scientist aware us how important mask are.

Of course, it’s become a political and social debate, with some in favour and some against.

The President of Brazil (Bolsonaro) have a joke about people with the mask, and Trump still doesn’t understand what people are talking about it.

Yesterday Bolsonaro was caught by the Virus.

Probably if instead to show his ignorance and arrogance, he had listened to the doctors, he would have learned that with the mask he had 80% fewer chances to get the Virus.

But apart the controversy online, what is the right thing to do it?

No one of us in the western world has never wear a mask in the past.

But how many times we saw a person from Asia (particularly in Japan) wearing a mask in Europe ?

And how many times we saw locals with the mask when we have visited Asia?

So these days we learn why they always wear a mask and why we not.

It’s a cultural way to respect the people next to us.

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The mask doesn’t protect you from others, but it’s your way to protect the people who love or the people just sit next to you in the underground or at the shop.

In Asia, when someone has simple flu, his primary responsibility has to be don’t give the flu to people around then.

So it’s a question of culture, in Japan and in other countries in Asia, people always know that if you got a flue.

If you don’t wear a mask, 100% of your droplets spear to people around you. But with the cover, almost 90% of mouth droplets get container by the mask.

This time we learn that either if you don’t feel sick, you should wear a mask because many COVID cases are “Asymptomatic“, which means even if you feel well you may still have Covid-19.

Maybe I have it, perhaps you have it either if you are not agreeing to me about the mask.

But think about it if I’m right and your way to react to the mask will help to spread the Virus and will reach a person who may die from this disease.

We know the science doesn’t lie. This is why we live better and more long in these days.

This is why in Japan and in other Asian countries (either in China), the consequence of this Virus has been less intrusive of what is happened in the rest of the world.

I know, wear a mask isn’t the best way to go to the seaside or to a party, but the fact is that 80% of the population will use a mask, Covid-19 would be contained more of use a strict lockdown and, not last, a mask will save lives.

So we want really play with someone else’s life or do we cover our mouth to be the conscience in order?

Also, I have noticed that mask expose so much the eyes of the people. Whatever is your opinion, I feel that especially girls look so cool and sexy with a mask.

So wear a mask, follow safety protocols write by the science and instead to listen to some idiot on youtube, think to Save lives and to respect the people in the world.

It’s your mission as a decent human being.

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