I have been on Instagram for about nine years.

This is was my first post

I simple like to a picture did by phone.

At today I have 2,298 post/pictures publish there and 1,775 people follow me everyday

I like Instagram because I like allowed me to show my mood and how I feel and how I progress in my job as photographer.

It’s a window (or hundreds of thousands of windows) into what we feel, what we think, how we think, what we want, how we see, what we are afraid of, what we intend and aspire to.

In the end says so much about us.

The Instagram is basically used for sharing photos and videos with short-period of time.

I loved the simplicity of the platform.

Why we use Instagram may be different from why you or someone else should be using it.

In my case, I use Instagram to display the other side of me. I post pics new and old. depends of the moment and I Post almost everyday in the morning.

I don’t follow celebrities, and normally I follow (real) friends and photographers.

No doubt that Instagram is a rabbit hole and once you fall through you either find something or lose something.

So, yes. Maybe that’s why probably I like Instagram so much

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