Turning my Photos into an Oil Painting it is fun, no doubt

I’m not a big fan of photo manipulation.
It’s simple, I come from the dark room with the red light. I have used the film and a Minolta, all my life and only in the last 10-12 years have I started working with digital.

I use very few filters and I do very few manipulations, I just adjust contrasts and balance, as if I were working in the darkroom.

But lately I’ve been intrigued after seeing an exhibition. It was a series of photos, which were transformed like a painting.

The result was surprising and I decided to try it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, some images lend themselves to artistic manipulation.

I discovered that experimenting with the effects of the “Oil Paint” filter in Photoshop was, first of all, a lot of fun.
Gradually, by refining the use of the filter, I also got results that surprised me and in fact, gave new light to old photos that I had never dared to show.

So I started editing some pictures to make them look like an oil painting.

The process is very simple and straightforward and can produce impressive results. Need a lot of practice, like everything but in the end, you have a kind of oil painting, and when you go to the print shop and use paper material FineArt, the results leave you speechless.
There is nothing wrong with the manipulation, in the end, we did the same thing in the darkroom.

There is no scandal.

In case there is, as always, the need to have a good photo and the right imagination and technique to turn it into an artistic work.
For my print, I use “Hahnemuhle“, in particular, 190gsm 100% cotton, called “William Turner”.
The photos in this gallery are just an example of my latest works printed with this “paper”.

Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

Associate of British Freelance Photography

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