Say My Name.

What has been happening in the United States in recent days brings the reality of the world outside our homes.

Far from the comfort of Lockdown. Between a homemade pizza and a “zoom chat” with friends on the other side of the world, we have forgotten in recent months that unfortunately there is also a reality made of violence, abuses and “dictators” elected democratically. People that have taken “the power” that comes from an election, with the wrong foot and acting like an old provincial cowboy. People that, in the absence of real culture, uses violence and power to mask they inferiority and showing total lack of meaning democratic in the brain.
What happened to George Floyd could only happen in America and in only a few other countries in the world.

As my dear friend Tony (as usual very wise..) told me last night by text: “As much as I dislike certain Americans there is plenty to like, after all, some of the best Photographer s are American, the filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians the list goes on and on…but what is happening in America is just disgusting.”

How to blame them? Classifying Americans based on similar facts is not correct. Justice is not done to all those who have contributed, with their art and inspiration, to improving our life living in a different part of the world.


George Floyd was black.

He was someone who had a difficult childhood because of that skin. He was someone who had some trouble with justice. Still, if you go to see what he did in the past, maybe you will quickly understand that in Europe for the same irregularities and with white skin, perhaps George would have been an “almost” model citizen.
In America, if you have black skin, and the President is someone like Donald Trump, it is possible that if you are stopped for a police check, because ‘a shopkeeper thinks he received a fake $ 20 bill“, and your life may be in danger.

In the United States, the police have black skin as olive, but still, in 2020, if the cops who stop you are of ‘very’ white skin if their origins are clearly visible. You aren’t white like them, there are many chances of your life being in danger.

George Floyd died atrociously, wickedly, violently and racistly.

The United States is in revolt against what happened, Trump exalts the police and threatens to send the army to calm the spirits.
Only after a few days they finally decided to indict Derek Chauvin.

He will now have the best lawyers available to seek justification for his cowardly action that led to the death of George Floyd.
It is enough to see Derek’s face to understand what is probably in his head and to realise that his vote, three years ago, went without a shadow of a doubt to the worst President that the United States and the whole Western World ever had.

Let’s not forget George Floyd, but let’s not forget the face of Derek Chauvin, a criminal.

He had the uniform of justice in the most crucial country in the world, in that country where the belief that he is the freest and most democratic in the world reigns. It never was, and I don’t think it will ever be.

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