Put On The Mask

When we are children, we naively think that Planet Earth is one.
Scientifically it is precisely like that but growing up, we realise that Planet Earth is divided into two different categories.
If the mountains and lakes and seas are all alike, in reality, Planet Earth is divided into two categories of people who live there: the rich and the poor.
If for a moment thinking about the rich, the Bill Gates or the owner of Amazon comes to mind, then I invite you to think about who the poor are.

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Yemen is going to disappear forever. People are dying without know precisely for what.
The catastrophe in Yemen is absolutely devastating and should keep us awake in the night and not argue online why is not right to wear a mask.

Think of the slums of Mumbai and Cape Town, of the favelas of Rio de janeiro

Also, think of all those people who live in the streets of your city.
A large group of homeless in every big town in “our world”, who cannot find a place to sleep or a job to support themselves.
That their mental and social condition made them like ghosts.

That them life flows in silence and in the blindness of our eyes.
The past few months, the difference is much more visible than before between this “two-world”.
Isn’t any more a unique Planet with the same people.
Wasn’t before but now Covid-19 highlighted the difference between the rich and the poor much more.

Wear the mask. Honestly it improves your face and makes you a good person.

Behaviour and reactions to the pandemic that hit “our world” for the first time in 100 years show that we are digging, even more, the gap between “wealth” and the “poor”.Sometimes without realising what we are doing.
There have been many epidemics in the world in the last century, this is not the first, but no one pandemic touch the west so profoundly before the rest of the world. We are the side who have to deal first of the rest of the world, and we are showing so many weaknesses.
In what we commonly call the “western world”, we are experiencing an experience that is severely testing our physical, mental and moral strength.
The difference with other epidemics is that this time it did not start in poor countries. We had the time to study it, prepare ourselves and study vaccines and medical treatments to combat it. Still, it was born in the middle of the world of the rich.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

We are misbehaving and without the maturity that we should instead have as part of the most advanced, prosperous, educated and best socially and medically assisted planet.
In “Our World“, we can afford many things that “The Other World” cannot afford.
We can dress as we want and not with what we have, we can have the luxury of being alternative, of being vegan, of being leftist or fascist. We can decide to go to work by bicycle or by subway. We can choose to go to the sea or to the mountains for our holidays or to visit a capital that allows us to enjoy the best of world art live in splendid museums.
We can decide or debate whether 5G is better than 4G and whether one is genuinely indispensable or not.
We can choose an iPhone instead of the Samsung, because ‘we like the style of one instead of another one. Invest a few hundred euros more in practically the same technologies only because’ that computer goes better with home and office furniture rather than’ another.
We can decide to vote for one party today and another four years from now.

This is us. This is our World.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

In everyday life, we are outraged by the peoples of the “other World:: The Third World

We write a sentence on social networks where we show solidarity using “touching” words, linking a song or video of some BBC documentary or anyone who write on a blog. Using the latest “cool” computer and with a system of a few thousand Euros to create videos and podcasts. We post video or article that tells us that “the world is unfair”, that we must be vegan or using an electric car to respect the most troubled world.
We are “controlled in every moment of our life” and other “sentences” that we know very well if we got any social account. We got used to every day and brought us inside endless and pointless online discussions.
Let’s say “Bill Gates controls us”, and so many alternative “trendy” people will jump to confirm that theory because “Bill Gates is rich”.
You will be popular on Facebook or Twitter, these days talking bad about Bill Gates.
However, in reality, you show that you’re missing the point and still talking just about your personal situation.
In fact, you don’t care about India or Brazil, Yemen or Mexico City.
You are always selfish.
In the end, don’t forget that we also believe former goalkeepers of a fourth division English football team do the same. The latter one day declared himself a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. Instead of being locked up some mental hospital, he became a Guru for Vegans and conspiracy theorists of “our world”: The world of wealthy people.

In the morning, when we take the bicycle to go through the city traffic, we put on a helmet, because we want to protect ourselves from accidents.
At lunchtime at the place where we eat during the lunch break, we want ethnic food, we check that the quality of the hygiene of the site because ‘we don’t want to have diarrhoea. In the evening we have an “alternative party” to attend. Where we will play some Indian or African music, or we will perform the drums and drinking alternative cocktails based on fruit and herbs. Maybe smoking a mixture of herbs created without medical experience but after reading something on the internet reported by one of the usual Gurus so fashionable in our Western World.
We go home, and we wash our hands with the best soap that protects our delicate skin.
We use ecological foam baths, with coconut odours, and we use the most alternative shampoo we could find in the shop, doesn’t matter the cost.
We want the best for ourselves.
We go out under the sun in the summer, using the oil that must be ultra-protective because it is our skin cannot take the risk of getting eczema or (worse) skin cancer.

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To be precise, I have nothing against these attitudes, they are all legitimate, and all are free as they see fit, and I make a lot of this choice as well. But they are all very selfish.

They are all tending towards their own person.

I know this, I’m conscious I make a lot of choice on my life connect to the fact that I’m living in the rich world, but I’m not trying to cover this. I’m so convinced that I’m a little snob as well, I cannot deny that. But now, in front of the pandemic, I decide to stay next to the Science and medicine. 

The knowledge” which allowed all of us to be part of the rich word. 

In the last months and the reaction of some section of our society, really upset me so much

These people don’t want to change their attitude for a moment, they want to keep the “status quo” where they feel comfortable. After they asked us to improve our philosophy become vegans, follow a new religion or a new Guru for ages. 

“To have a better life for our spirits”, but I want “the people”, the unlucky ones, first of all, to live, to be alive, to survive and do not die.

I don’t want to see people dying because someone thinks we are “under control” from retiles or some strange “group” of anonymous people or the “media”. 

I have enough of this nonsense, without any proof and based on sci-fi movies. I have enough of the people always believe of complots because they life is sad and, in this way, they feel more involved in the social life and Not here in the western world, not in the third countries. Especially the latest ones, so much exposed in the next few weeks to disappear forever.

I have had enough of people who believe in all the plots they read on the net. Because their life is sad, and in this way, they want to feel part of social life. Too many crazy stories that for some become “knowledge”. From those who believe that vaccines kill those who still argue that man has never gone to the moon.

I’ve had enough of you people who believe that the earth is flat and that by becoming vegan you save the world.

“People” who raise their children by refusing to send them to school because “at home, they have a better education”.  

Not giving eggs, cheeses, fish to their children and feeding them only herbs and spices, is the best way to make them live healthy and long.

Do you know one who seriously can prove their theories to you? Do you know one who has studied enough to convince you that it is true? Surely you know many who can link you to sites and blogs of ambiguous characters and who can be seen from afar what their real goal is. 

Doesn’t matter if the people live longer in the world eat in all life fish, Bread and drink wine. 

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Believe more in National Geographic or the lazy English guy who owns a YouTube channel and spends the day living cheaply between India and Nepal, making money thanks to the clicks on his video channel?  

Thanks to the annoying time wasters in our wealthy western cities attracted by the new Guru. Who thinks for them and of whom they are jealous of the life he makes and would only like to emulate him instead of asking himself if he says real things or bullshits? 

Not finishing his studies because (obviously), how do you believe in the education they give us in universities? Better to study watching the beautiful girls on the beaches in Malibu or Thailand…

Now, during a health emergency, now that you’re being asked for a “little effort” to help those who need it, what do you decide to do useful for them?

Now that we no longer need your tears created with phrases for social networks to attract our attention to the most unfortunate peoples of us.  Now that they ask you to set a stupid mask on your nose and mouth for the few times you meet someone, what are you doing? What is your answer?

You Answer is : NO

Showing that you are only interested in yourself when the rest of the world are asking you a simple gesture and effort. Instead, you still insist that the mask does not make you breathe well and that you are better off without a cover. Try to find an excuse with the comforts di dubious experts.

Right, who says no to you about the last point? Nobody denies it. 

But they are asking you to do it to help others, not yourself. For once, for the first time in your life. Help the people who were talking about for years.

They are asking you and you are tested for the first time how seriously you care about others, those who cannot protect themselves.

You are falling.

Those who are not lucky enough to live in an apartment with all possible comforts, but who live in a small house, sharing with large families, without the support and often without minimal toilet facilities. Those who are not lucking enough to have a roof and sleep on the street have no health care of any kind.

The world is asking you to protect, with a little effort and a little renunciation, those populations you think you are defending by talking about them in meditation groups or listening to Gurus online but in fact, your condemning them to do not exist anymore. 

So, to all these people who claim not to want to wear the mask because “it is an instrument that creates bacteria, viruses and fungi” that can intoxicate their mouth and then the lungs, causing dangerous diseases, I ask: where did you get all this technological knowledge and hygiene?  Also, where is your moral respect for others who cannot afford these privileges of choice and that if we, in the luxury world, do not stop this virus, we will soon destroy an entire population,  like those of South America, Indians or African countries?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

People who don’t want to use gloves in public spaces, but at home use super special and expensive gloves for when they do the dishes, using ecological soap that costs what a child in Africa spends on a month for his food, never pose a single moral question to themselves before talking about their “pseudo respiratory” problems by wearing a mask for an hour, often less, a day? 

Every single justification I have read against these protections are all based on personal consequences, none takes into consideration that these are preventions for others

Do good to others for once at least, use the mask !

Use gloves when shopping or taking the bus. Stay at home and don’t think about the parties you would like to do or holidays (for a year) on the beaches of Sardinia or in Paris or London. It doesn’t change much in the context of your life a summer without these things. But you will save the lives of people who don’t know what a holiday or party is. They don’t have time for these things. They just want to live. Still, it turns a lot, and I would say that it “saves the life” of millions of people who live in favelas, in slums and who has no home to spend the night.

Do yourself an examination of conscience for this time, keep on being radical vegans, it’s not my problem. Please don’t confirm that analysis that has been going on for some time through psychologists of these phenomena. That vegans are mentally and politically right-wing. For a long time, I think it is so. Still, in these months, you are demonstrating to everyone and not just confirming to myself the feeling I have always had about the attitude these people have it.

For the record, vegetarians are basically progressive and politically leftists.

Now, please, put on your mask and gloves when you enter a shop. Keep the social distance outside, avoid hugs and to shake hands for a few months. Continue to stay at home as much as possible, not for you, but for those who seriously need it.

For once, be practically selfless and do not be eternally selfish.

Because if we want a unique planet and we think all the people are the same, doesn’t matter how rich or poor they are, well, this is the point to wear a mask, as a rich person we are. 

To protect the poor and the people need help, real help, before they will disappear under the wave of this terrible Virus

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