How many are we?

We have a serious problem; we live too long.

For years we have financed, invited and hoped that science, medicine, man, could extend our life.

The development has been slow for centuries: wars, hunger, pandemics, poor technical knowledge, did not allow for substantial life increases, but they did happen.

Slow, but they did.

In 1500 there were only half a billion people in the world. To double that number, it around 300 years.

In 1927, i.e. 127 years later, the number of people on Earth rose to 2 billion.

Since then, growth has been crazy.

London, Millenium Bridge

Better living conditions, epochal medical and technological discoveries and in 1974, we touched the 4 billion inhabitants.

Today we are just over 7 billion and the 8 billion will be reached in 2024 at the latest.

To make the perspective of these numbers better, we can see that 470 million people have been born in the last 5 years. In practice almost the same amount of inhabitants that existed on Earth in the 1500s.

From a calculation made at high levels, it would seem that almost 100 million people have lived on Earth. Consequently, it means that in a few years, as many as eight per cents of those people will be alive.

The question that arises is:
how many people can our planet really accommodate?

It’s a question that scares everyone.


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