Dance, in the middle of the forest, Dance for me

At the end of the world, in the middle of the countryside, not far from the city, but far enough away to feel lost in nothing, there is a house on one level.

Two white dogs as big as two polar bears keep the place safe and protected.

Inside, a beautiful woman with green and deep-set eyes, with raven black hair and with a slim and slender silhouette, keeps everything standing under simple orders and movements, and even with the only address of her gaze is everything under control.

She Dances with her music and his thoughts. Dancing barefoot and her skirt open on one side reveal her white and smooth skin like the color of the snow that falls outside while the song says:

… If you really want to understand me

There’s some giving up we got to do ..

She Dances, and she is beautiful during her hypnotic movements, and the cold is less intense inside the house because there is its heat of her body.

In reality, it is not the end of the world, that place so secluded, but in fact, it is the center where everything starts.

Where the fulcrum of the directions is located and from where you can decide the road, the way to follow and dedicate yourself whether to be a man or a simple human being.

That is the moment you understand that you can no longer hide from the fact that you are a man, no longer a “simple human being.”

Better late than never.

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