I’m not a wise person

Sometimes we express our frustration in words that should not be written or spoken.

When our anger or disappointment is too high, good advice is to sit down and have a nice glass of red wine.

Maybe play an excellent record and turn down the lights.

If we pick up a keyboard or pen to write to those we think are doing us a wrong thing, we usually do disasters.

Okay, it almost seems like I’m a wide-minded person, and I can safely give advice to others.

It’s not like that. I’m not writing to you. I’m talking to myself.

I’m just remembering some basic rules that I forgot recently.

Well, I’m writing these notes to go get this post back if I ever need it again.

Open-minded people are not you who think so but are the people who forgive you when you fall into the trap of resentment.

I’m not a wise person either I think I’m But clear I’m not

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