You cannot be angry and scared. Not now.

These are challenging times for everyone. These are the moments in which one should unite and understand each other, not open war fronts against other countries or thoughts. Nobody has the right answer. None of you and no government. Everyone is moving cautiously and hoping to make the best move in this unknown territory. We all have to hope that a Country, at least one in Europe, is making the best move. Whether it be Germany or Belarus or Spain, Italy or England, it has very little importance. We are fighting for life, not for a bloody flag! If you are still stuck in your head at nationalism in these situations, you are simply stuck in your head. Take note of it. No Country, not a single Prime Minister, is happy with this situation. No multinational companies, no business, is taking advantage of all this shit. Everyone is loosing. Everyone. Try to make up for it and try to understand that if the money is less, if we start to lose the job, we are all losing it. But the battle is in another front at the moment, is not the job. It is the life, the health of everyone. Without that, it doesn’t matter what job we have. Not only that, it does not matter to anyone if the situation is resolved in Italy, but the same does not happen in France or Denmark. We are all in the same boat, we are all Europeans at the moment, we depend on each other. Life doesn’t start again in your Country if it isn’t resolved in another Country next to you. Not only that, but we are also all Americans or Australians, Chinese or Koreans at the moment. Whoever governs in these countries has no importance. Absolutely doesn’t matter at all. I sincerely hope that German choices are the best in Europe at the moment. I sincerely hope that they are right because it is the Country with the least victims. They have severe problems in the economy these days like everyone else, but they doesn’t lose people at the moment, there is no further pain in families. It is already a step forward. At the moment, I have dear friends who have contracted the virus, and I’m to worry about them. I have relatives, friends and family members, who are losing or suspending their work and are receiving less money. My business is completely stopped. I have been locked in the house for three weeks. I start to make bread, cake and pasta like everyone else. For how long? I have fun now, for now. Soon the fun will disappear for sure. I don’t care under which flag this war will be a win. I will be proud for anyone to lead the battle for victory, who speaks German or Korean, Chinese or Polish or Italian, honestly … I don’t care. Have a good week, hoping that it is seriously a good one for everyone.


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