Some fashion rules. On how (not) to dress.

First of all, the shirts must be closed up to the button that reaches the height of the nipples. Open shirts that show the chest hair or the shave you made are old fashion, and we are no longer in the time of Starsky and Hutch or in the ’70.

The jerseys of your favourite sports club are made to be wear when you go to the stadium. Going to the supermarket with your favourite team’s jersey, when your team is not playing in the vicinity where you are, is not to be taken into consideration to wear those T-shirts.

When it comes to feet and shoes, they should not be mixed, neither shoes nor socks. They are made to be together. Besides, socks should be worn. Using trousers that are not long enough to cover bare ankles is the worst fad out of Italy since the times of the crusades.

The only shoes that must be used without socks are sandals by the sea. Clear?

Socks should also be considered according to the age you have. Do not use teenager socks if you are over 25 years old. Please. Don’t make your mum to be shame of you.

Another ridiculous fashion is to wear extra-large trousers, those trousers that drop your pockets at the level of the back of your knees. Rap singer-style jeans when you are more than 22 years old are banned.

If you are the Rap singer in person, that’s okay, but be careful that even Eminem, Jay Z, and Drake don’t use them anymore, precisely because they are no longer 22 years old.

For women only (But some men also do the same thing), why do you only have clothes that seem to be bought in some second-hand shop in Nepal? You don’t live in Nepal. You are European citizens.

When you go to the “alternative vegetarian” market, in the coolest district of your city, even if you dress as if you were in Kathmandu, you still remain in Berlin, London or Milan. You are out of place. End off.

Another small note, this time for men. Exceeded the sixties, even if they are the new fifties, open the wardrobe and give away to those who need it all that is jeans, in particular, the denim jackets.

They are bad for you. Don’t pretend make you young, make you just ridicules.

Only really hot and cool people could wear double Denim. I know, life is unfair sometimes.

Another thing to throw away are if you are over sixty are all those things that you have in your closet and that you no longer use because you have increased your girth and plan to put it back soon when you regain the shape of your 40 years.

Please don’t fool yourself, it will never happen. Donate everything to charity.

I guess that you could argue with me that maybe I’m not the most appropriate person to talk about fashion, but rules are rules and the most important rules for life is: “Do as I say, not as I do”.

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