Close the door. It’s better

My friends asked me to lock the door. Do not open to anyone. “you have to pay attention. If you bring someone into your house slowly again, you could lose yourself forever. “

Friends told me I was lucky. I no longer have to live in fear. When you live in doubt, you can never express your creativity.

But why do people at some point make senseless madness?

Friends told me it went well. If I close the door well, if I clean the house properly, I won’t see ‘more’ ghosts. So, my friends have told me in the last few days.

Hi, night light. Goodbye, daylight.

I closed the door.

Things escape slowly from the cracks under the door.

But they are only sighs and memories.

Faded images.

Now everything is quieter. I no longer fear, and my ideas are being reformed.

Friends told me it was better to close the door, and maybe this time they are right.

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