Brexit Day

One of the saddest days of my life.

A sadness that I never thought could come to me from the country that I considered as “my country” for the values of democracy and freedom is expressed. Where voluntary I moved in 1999, at the dawn of the new century.

A senseless electoral mechanism, a series of unprepared people as Labour leaders, and today England leaves the most significant Peace and Democracy project ever seen in the world. All for an illusion of conquest of the world that smells a mile away of modern fascism.

What will happen tomorrow is an unknown to everyone, there is a real danger that our lives can be irreparably upset for years to come.

I certainly know that from today, around 65 million English people lose their freedom to live, work, and share ideas and projects with the rest of the citizens of Europe.

Today about 65 million English people lose the most significant privilege they had from being part of the European Union: secure peace and freedom of movement.

For me, it is a disappointment that I carry with me since June 2016, which marked my days, which kept me awake at night and which marked my life and the confusion in which I perhaps find myself.

It is (unfortunately) a historic day. There are still hopes of reversing everything and stopping everything, but they are minimal hopes as things stand.

From tomorrow morning, the battle must begin to bring England back into the most significant economic and peace project on the planet: the European Union.

Today is a sad day, and it being no coincidence that it is raining all night insistently. The drops of water that slammed on the window have helped me spend an agitated night with a thousand nightmares.

The visit to the dentist in a few hours certainly does not help to improve the mood of the day. It will be a sad day, and when it is 11pm in London, the country will see the tears of the majority of the British against this madness. But that the electoral law and governmental regulations linked to rules that are hundreds of years old, has led to a decision made by the country’s minority.

The battle will start again from tomorrow, but for today there are only tears to share.

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