Sad Day

Why people, as soon they know you have been dumped from a girl, start to tell you “there is plenty of girls around“?

Jesus, what a cliché’. I know there is plenty of girls, and also, “they are waiting for you that finally, you are free.”

Still, they don’t fully fill my taste, they don’t move nothing on me, my desire of pain to have the last girl that was so much pain in the ass.

Don’t tell me, “she was horrible with you.I know, I know… this is why I liked her.”

She was my opposite version. What if the next one will be so nice, tender, soft, and lovely woman? What I will do? No argue? Everything so soft?

So, please stop the talk and don’t insist on me to date that one with big tits and that everybody said she a tiger in the bed.

I don’t care.

I won’t sleep in the bed, not to be in a Safari to catch wild animals.

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