Sometimes I feel this way. So empty and no connection with the rest of the world and so one morning on a train across Europe, cold and sunny outside, warm inside, gentle music in my ears… one of the best place ( and situation..) to reflect

Make America Great Again” is the “fascist” slogan from Donald Trump and isn’t different from all the right-wing slogans around the world ( “fix our country”, “defeat the actual political system”, “we want our country back”.. Etc, etc ..).

It’s the kind of slogan created to scare the population and have negative impacts on any attempts to try and get along in a diverse world.

Too many salespeople around the world play with the ignorance of the people for personal exposure and personal benefits.

They are bored in their luxurious life once they realize money can’t buy you everything and fuel on their fans, their ‘supporters,’ into the chaos that is now America. Trump is dangerous for all of us, because America counts in the world and because other Trump’s of the world will see his ignorant success as an excellent example to be replicated in the rest of the world as we know it.


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