Chaos warsaw 53


Sometimes I feel this way. So empty and no connection with the rest of the world and so one morning on a train across Europe, cold and sunny outside, warm inside, gentle music in my ears… one of the best place ( and situation..) to reflect “Make America Great Again” is the “fascist” slogan from Donald Trump and isn’t different from all the right-wing slogans around the world ( “fix … Continue reading Chaos

Colours and desperation pexels photo

Colours and desperation

Under Christmas, London explodes with colors and surprises. Christmas decorations are top class in this real “World’s Capital,” but at the same time, there are too many people on the street asking for help to spend the night under a roof. The contradictions of extreme capitalism, the consequences of eight years of Conservative Government, just at the dawn of another 5 years of continuous misery … Continue reading Colours and desperation