We don’t see, and we don’t care

Looking around, sit in a restaurant. Watching people walk by and wait for the traffic light to turn green for them.

Look at those waiting to enter a cinema or theatre, or the bus or the turnstile to start the game at the stadium.

All have their fingers frantically moving, typing letters and numbers or scrolling on the screen of a mobile phone or an iPad.

We are busy and more worried about those who are beyond the screen, maybe a relative, perhaps a girlfriend, often a stranger with whom we are arguing on some social network.

We don’t see, and we don’t care about those we can see face to face in the same place.

We can no longer be alone with our thoughts. Hardly anyone else sits on a park bench and reads a book or listens to music.

We have to check the news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mails…. The more time passes, the more this phenomenon is visible and recognized. More time passes and despite good intentions more and more are those who get lost in the screen of the communication device that those who come out of it, who take a coffee calmly and maybe (as they once did ..) exchange a smile or a joke with his table neighbor at the bar.

We could keep going like that, or we could get out of this and start to enjoy the people and not anymore, the devices. It depends on us. Nothing else.


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