OK. Merry Christmas, but…..

I don’t like everyone.

How you could like everyone you meet or everything you see?

Well, as you know, you have for sure some friends in your circle that always say, “I love everything.” “We are lucky to be alive and enjoy this fantastic world.”


To me, the first people annoyed me are precisely them!

I get so irritated by this kind of people. I could live and let live. I know very well, but they are a problem with my problems. I don’t want to see people “always happy,” and we always a horrible attitude to be unbearable positive all the time around.

Hey, people… we have severe problems in this Planet. We have Donald Trump, the climate Global warming, and, not last, Arsenal isn’t anymore the team was till Arsene Wenger was in charge.

So, this Christmas, and at the start of the new year, please try to be realistic and not “always” positive.

Because doesn’t’ matter how “Artificial” happy you are, next year someone will die, some idiots will elect more dangerous people in charge in our countries and isn’t’ either sure if Radiohead will come out with a new record in 2020.

So, Merry Christmas to everyone but, please …do not annoyed me till the point you will run my Christmas lunch in Sardinia with my parents after twenty years without being able to make it.

Thanks 🙂

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